Realtor Loyalty Program

Client Referral Loyalty Program

Join the Realtor Loyalty Program and share your referral link with your clients! They will earn 10% off flooring OR 20% off interiors when they spend $1,000 or more in our store. (materials only. sales & safes excluded.)


If a referred client makes a purchase of $1,000 or more, you earn 1 loyalty point! Each point you earn is worth $50 that can be used for a flooring or interiors purchase of your own!


Closing Gift Baskets & Loyalty Cards

Impress your sellers and buyers with Haley’s Interiors Realtor Gift Baskets ranging from $50-$150. Each gift basket that comes from our store is carefully curated, and we design each gift basket based on a range of budgets. We would love to be your go-to for home closing / open house gift baskets!


Also offered with our closing gift baskets is our loyalty card. Buy 10 gift baskets and get a free $50 basket or gift card!


For more information on how to join the Haley's Realtor Loyalty Program visit our interiors showroom or email