Our Design Team

Our Design Team


W E L C O M E   T O   H A L E Y ' S   I N T E R I O R S

From each member of our Interiors Design Team to Addie, our showroom dog, our goal is to welcome you and treat you like one of our family.  After all, home is where the heart is, and that’s just how we want you to feel… like you’re home.

We understand that furnishing and designing your home can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.  So, whether you’re just looking for that one piece of furniture or home décor item, or you’re looking for a whole home design, we’re here to help you simplify that process.  

Haley’s Interiors offers high quality merchandise at the best price for all your home interior needs.  Choose from a wide variety of furniture options and custom upholstery pieces in thousands of fabrics and styles.  Along with artwork, wall décor, home furnishings, accessories, mirrors, lighting, textiles and home accents, we’ll help you put it all together.

Our team is here to assist you in-store or in your own home.  So, maybe your project goes further than just buying a few new pieces of furniture for your home.  We have Design Consultants that can work with you on just about any project from redesigning one room, to building a new home or remodeling an existing one.  And with over 20 years of experience, they can assist you in:

  • Space planning
  • Color palette and materials selection
  • Kitchen and bathroom materials selections
  • Furniture selection and arrangement
  • Furniture delivery supervision and placement
  • Styling and accessorizing
  • Lighting selections and off-site plumbing selections
  • Flooring selections
  • Coordination with sub-contractors, builders and remodelers

Our Design Consultants work with our in-store Kitchen and Bath Designers, along with our Flooring Team to design a space that uniquely works for you.  This is one of the benefits in working with the Haley’s Design Team… you not only get the benefits of just a furniture store, but a whole home solution here at Haley’s Flooring & Interiors.  Each of our Design Consultants work with their own hourly fees when your needs extend beyond our in-store services.        


M E E T   O U R   T E A M 


A B B Y   H A L E Y


Interiors Sales Manager                   

Abby, third generation, officially joined out team in the summer of 2017 after graduating from The University of Alabama.  However, growing up in this family business, she has been running around these walls for many years.  Abby is the granddaughter of our Founders, Carter and Nancy Haley, and daughter of our CEO, Chris Haley.  When Nancy retired in January of 2020, Abby stepped up to continue the family legacy and has continued to grow Haley’s Interiors by coordinating all the buying and merchandising of new products and trends.  She also oversees all the management of the Interiors division and continues to carry on the tradition of “A Foundation of Excellence” set forth by her grandmother and mentor, Nancy. You’ll also find Abby’s dog, Addie, running around the showroom greeting customers and playing with the youngsters that come in with their parents.

"A D D I E   G I R L"  - Showroom Pup   


K A T I E   K E L L E Y

Interiors Sales Associate  

Deciding to make a career change in 2018, Katie came to work with Haley’s Interiors not knowing much about the industry.  Since then, she has become one of our most successful team members, helping customers and designers coordinate small and large projects for their clients and builders.  Katie has also become an asset in the buying process with Abby assisting in trips to market and meeting with our furniture representatives.  She has a full product knowledge of all of our furniture and custom upholstery lines, and enjoys working with each and every customer.  We’ve loved watching Katie grow and reach her full potential here with us!



R H O N D A   L A N I E R

Interiors Sales Associate

Rhonda “Gale” as we call her around here, has been with Haley’s for over 20 years now.  She started working with us as a receptionist, then moved over to the Interiors side to assist Nancy when the Interiors side was just taking off.  For many of those early years, Rhonda was part of the buying process with Nancy and has watched the Interiors side grow and change more than any of us.  She’s been working with our customers and clients for many years helping them select new furniture, rugs and accessories.  In the past year, Rhonda has begun working part-time so she can spend more time with her granddaughters and children.  We’ll be sad to see her one day retire… her laughter and free spirit has brought joy to all of us!  



S A R A H   R O T H   

Interiors Sales Associate

We’re happy to introduce you to Sarah who is the newest addition to the Haley’s Interiors team, and we’re so glad to have her!  Sarah is excited about learning all the furniture lines and home accents that we carry.  She has worked in the food service industry for several years, so she fully understands how important customer service is in being successful.  Sarah ls energetic and passionate about what she does so you can expect her to be another valued team member here at Haley’s.  She looks forward to working with you!  

D E B B I E   N E I G H B O R S

Interiors Design Consultant

With over twenty years of experience in the home building and design industry, Debbie has been part of the Haley’s Design Team since 2016.  Her expertise and experience in working with clients and builders to help them select, design and put together all of their flooring, bathroom tile designs, cabinet selections, color palettes, lighting selections, plumbing fixtures and even furnishing finishing touches has been the biggest asset to all of us at Haley’s. 

Debbie’s understanding and patient temperament to put each client’s needs first is what makes working with her unique and above all else, personifies our motto as well.  She does each job with the utmost excellence, and her clients love working with her.  Originally working on her own back in the early 2000’s, Debbie says what she loves most about being part of our team is having all the resources right here at her fingertips and having a group of support people here to assist her in competing her projects especially when she gets to work with co-worker and long-time friend, Kristi Haley.  Debbie and Kristi’s design experience goes back to 2002, and they love getting to work together on special projects. Debbie definitely has a passion and love for the design industry and enjoys helping clients see their dreams come to life!


D E B B I E  &  K R I S T I ~ Special Design Projects


M A Y A   G I L M O R E

Interiors Design Consultant

Maya graduated from the UAH Interior Design program in 2012 and worked for Pottery Barn as an In-Home Design Consultant for a little over 3 years before joining our team at Haley’s in 2016.  She works alongside her clients helping them weed through the design or remodeling process with everything from flooring to the finishing touches with furniture and accessories.  Maya’s extensive knowledge in design assists her clients in bringing their visions together and creating a space that they can fall in love with.  She, just like Debbie, is patient and understanding when it comes to listening to the client’s needs.  Maya says that it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed with all the beautiful products there are to choose from, so helping them edit their choices and determine what their style is, is one of the most valuable things she can bring to the table!