Design with Debbie: Three Tips to Accessorizing a Space

Design with Debbie: Three Tips to Accessorizing a Space

It's amazing how adding what seems like the small finishing touches can make an impact in a space. Adding accessories introduces interest and personality to a room. When accessorizing a space, it can quickly become overwhelming with so many different possibilities of design. Our in-house interior decorator, Debbie, is a veteran when it comes to adding those final touches to a space and offered her three go-to tips she uses when it comes to accessories.


1. Start with a clean slate

When it’s time to add those finishing touches, start with a blank slate. This allows a fresh start and inspires you to begin dreaming up what you envision the space to look like. 

The accessory options are endless. So clear the space and start dreaming and designing!


2. Vary heights of objects and distribute weight differently

When planning the accessories for a space, balance is very important to keep in mind. Accessories of different sizes and shapes can work together by emphasizing visual height and weight in an asymmetrical arrangement. Applying height and scale allows the eye to travel throughout the space. For example, when accessorizing a shelf, consider using a tall vase alongside several smaller ones. Another great way to add height is to use books.


Distributing weight when accessorizing is also a key factor of balance. Say you want to create balance on a mantel — anchor one side with one large object and a group of smaller objects on the other. 

 3. Incorporate color and texture

When you don't incorporate color and texture into a space, there's the chance a room will lack visual interest. Choosing accessories that make the most of a room's color palette, while introducing contrast, is so important. Decorative pillows and throw blankets are great ways to introduce color and texture into a room! Adding greenery is another option of incorporating color. 
Accessories are a cost-effective addition to introduce color and texture, so get inspired and be creative!


Accessorizing your home is all about letting YOUR personality shine through in your decor! Use what you love, make a statement, and have fun with the space!

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