It's a great time to update your home with the latest interior design trends as the summer approaches. Here are some of the top trends to consider incorporating into your space this season:

Botanical Prints
Botanical prints bring a touch of nature indoors. These prints often feature florals and vibrant greenery, creating a relaxing and refreshing environment. You can incorporate botanical prints through fabrics and framed artwork.

Caning is making a comeback. The design involves weaving rattan or other materials into a mesh-like pattern, adding texture and a timeless aesthetic to any space. Caning is most commonly found on the backs of chairs and in furniture pieces that have storage. Our Peterson Sideboard is a great example of how caning design is displayed. The open weave pattern filters light, creating an airy and timeless look.

Playful Patterns
Playful patterns are a great way to spice up your space. You can use them in rugs, throw pillows, and even upholstery. Our gorgeous Cheeta patterned Whistler chair from Norwalk Furniture is the perfect example. By balancing these patterns with solid colors, you can avoid overwhelming the space. Playful patterns are also a great way to showcase personality and creativity in your home.

Raw Materials
Using raw materials in decor is an excellent way to introduce texture into your living space. Raw materials such as unfinished wood, stone, and metal showcase their natural textures. You can often find raw materials displayed best in consoles, our Bengal Manor Cocktail Table, and light fixtures. When shopping for interior pieces, think about exploring materials that add character through their raw texture.

Brighter, More Saturated Colors
There has been a trend of using neutral and pastel palettes, but now our team fully embraces bold colors, especially as temperatures rise and they spend time near bodies of water. Vibrant hues complement the blues of the water and the surrounding greenery, inspiring others to bring those refreshing colors indoors.


So, why not? Go bold this summer and add a dash of color or texture to your space. Shop with us in-store or online, and let's get these summertime trends in your home!